Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sneak Peak Spring Catty

I have had such a great time playing with my pre-order from Stampin Up! The new spring catalog goes live in January it has alot of great accessories which is great for scrapbooking.  This picture is of a printers tray that I earned during a Stampin Up challenge it is exclusive to that challenge and I believe there are no more.  It orginally came with Halloween theme accessories and it was so cute.  I had every intention to change it to a Christmas theme but Christmas is upon us and what a great opportunity for me to play with my new toys and promote the accessoried too! Do you want to host a book show & earn free products contact me so we can hook it up!

My Allison (baby gurl) comes home for the holiday break from Western Carolina University tonight and we can finally decorate our tree.  I always get so giddy when she comes home.  Ask me how I feel next week, LOL.  Enjoy your day!