Monday, July 8, 2013

Artisan Award 2013 announcement

Well the finalist have been announced and another year of not making the final round.  Now, I will say this past April my card was picked out of hundreds at a regional in Maryland by Shelli Gardner the founder of Stampin Up! So I know I am on the right path.  I love love love sitting down and looking at a rubber stamp set and having creative ideas just pop out.  I do that with scrapbooking and pictures.  Its just there and bamm I am thankful.  Next week I go to Salt Lake City Utah for our annual convention.  Stampin Up is celebrating their 25th year.  This will be my 5th convention and every year I get very excited come July. 

I am going to share my NON-WINNING projects with you I will try to post every day one following up to convention.  The requirements were three scrapbook pages, five cards and two 3-D items.  First one is a 3-D item.  It is a bowl (duh) made of our designer paper rolled up and glued together.  Then I sprayed Modgepod on it to give it a high gloss.  Then added potpourri.