Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

Good Morning Friends,
Thank you for popping into my blog.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (I know its only August) and I have a family member that is near and dear to my heart struggling with this horrid disease.  So today's post is to help put the reminders out about breast cancer.  I knew she would recieve cards or little tokens of love from people so I made some thank you cards for her.  I shipped them on Monday and they have to travel across the pond so if she sees this then she will be getting a sneak peek of her goodies that are on their way!  These are not CASE'd these are all my own creations the ribbon stamp is retired.  If you want me to help you track one down contact me and I will do my very best, everything else is current products.   Have a great day!