Friday, September 27, 2013


Hi All!
I have been a traveling DIVA! With my darling husband "retired" (looking for a job) together we have been like free spirits roaming around.  We went to Florida to play with my big sister, our dearest friend Sammie and all the children.  There are some friends you just can't do without and I have some of the greatest friends on the PLANET.   On our way down to Florida we thought we would see Barry's brother but we found out that he was on a cruise.  So we changed our plans and went to Panama City Beach.  Now that was a blast! I have pictures but have been too busy traveling to download them.  We spent a total of a week playing in Florida. Came home on the Monday and left Friday to visit our Allison at college and watch her football team play.  It was beautiful, peaceful, wet and cold.  Allison received a bid to become a sister with Alpha Chi Omega and it was father daughter weekend.  We met some of the other parents and they were so warm and welcoming.  I am so happy for Allison.  On our way home we stopped by our boy's place got to see my granddog and then we went to dinner.  On our way home one of our friends in stamping Martha asked Barry and I if we wanted to come to Nag's Head and stay with them for an evening.  So I got back home crossed my T's with my real estate and on Wednesday headed to the beach.  It was glorious.

While I was gone Stampin Up! release one of the easiest products you will ever want.  If you are not a stamper this is for you.  Everything you need to make 20 cards and pictures of how to make them.  Can you say OMG.

I am placing my order on Sunday if you want to order thru me let me know if you want to order online you can go to my store and order 

I will blog some of my pictures from all my adventures soon.  
If your interested in learning more about scrapbooking, making handmade cards or handmade gifts please contact me.