Friday, July 24, 2015

Scrapbook Pages Convention Swap

Friday day Day 2 of Convention.
Today is scrapbook swapping. Its a long post with many pictures so keep scrolling to bottom.   These are my designs and I am really excited to see what I get back.  I will post some of the ones I get get from others after I get home next week and get caught up.

This is 6x8 pages.  It is a double layout.  I love lighthouses and the sea.  I got started in Stampin' Up! after many many years of scrapbooking with another company that is no longer in business.  I fell in love with the quality of Stampin' Up! products and the fact that I could get discounts.  Then I realized that I loved sharing my creations and Stampin' Up! with others and started having classes.  I am struggling here in Colorado with getting people to come to my classes but I will struggle on.  It will happen. 

The next set is 12x12 double layout. Remember you can click on the picture to look at more details.