Monday, October 24, 2016

Gift Tags for all Occasions

So I ran out of time this weekend to get my blog ready for this week. I am currently using my free Wi-fi on Delta through TMobile.  I finally have something good to say about T-Mobile. I am heading to North Carolina to visit my son and then play ALL week with my fearless leader Martha Armstrong and 7 other of my stamping sisters.  I created 4 projects to share for 10 people.  It sounds like as of othis morning there could be 14 of us on Wednesday.  I am so happy to be blessed with amazing friends.  It will be great to be with "my people" again.  As I was walking through the Atlanta airport I came across BoJangles I came to a halt. Haven't had BoJangles in like forever.  I was in bliss. Okay on with today's gift tags.  My birthday was last week and my niece brought me a bottle of wine so I have packaged it up and will share it with my friends one night. The other one is for Tammy's husband because I know he enjoys Vodka and wanted to share some Colorado love with him.  Plus, he is sharing our Tammy with us this week. The other is bourbon whiskey for my amazing son.  My dear hubby and I go to this amazing distillery in Colorado Springs.  They are all wrapped up and hopefully still in one piece in my luggage.  Oh they said we're getting ready to land.

If you want to get together and do gift tags contact me.