Thursday, November 3, 2016

Christmas Already?

Well Halloween is done. Now the other two biggest holidays are creeping up on us. So today's card is a Christmas card.  Before I post my card I wanted to give you an update on me. I'm off playing this weekend with friends and family in Florida. If you follow me on Facebook then you will see that I am off playing in St. Petersburg Florida. On Saturday I have a wedding to attend in Homosassa, Fl I created the wedding invites which I will share next week after the wedding.  I originally came from Boynton Beach, FL.  Sadly I do not make it back there.  When I come it's almost always the west coast.  My big sister is here. Okay enough rambling.  Enjoy my card.  If you need the directions to make email me and I will get back to you Monday, unless you want to order everything, then I'll drop everything and get to you now. :)